Unfortunately if you have a damaged screen then the cost of replacing the damaged screen often comes close to the price of a new set so we advise customers against looking to repair their television in this instance. We only want to repair your television if we believe it will be economically worthwhile FOR YOU.
If however you have some form of electronic fault then it should be able to be repaired very economically.


We are the experts in repairing all types and brands of televisions. Operating from numerous repair centres we cover 95% of England with our own engineers.

Value for Money

Repairing your favourite box is still a better option than a new one. We will always let you know the repair cost before we complete any repair. In the case of cracked TV screens we often advise a replacement, as this is more than likely to be an uneconomical repair.

We are a high volume low margin business

Due to the sheer high volume of televisions we repair each month (approximately 600 per month) we are fortunate to be able to operate on a low call out charge basis. To book your TV repair call us on 0208 337 8000 or email us at enquiries@consumonics.co.uk

Field Engineers

Our field engineers make every effort to attend calls /appointments before 6pm the next working day or within 48hrs. Call us on 0208 337 8000 to agree a day for the service.

Engineers with decades’ experience

Over 10 years of electronics and television repairs in the UK.